WHy Me?

why you should work with me

You may be asking right about now “why should I hire Roxanne to design my home?”

That’s a really good question! I know I would hire me for these reasons…

    • I can herd cats. Which means I can easily manage your project because I worked in a professional business environment for over 20 years. I have managed all kinds of people, from humble trades to ego-driven maniacs! I know numbers, contracts, and project management. What more can I say? I got this. 
    • Not only is the left side of my brain working on managing your project, my creative side is always humming. I let things bounce around in my brain until I come up with a creative idea or solution. And besides decorating, I refinish furniture, paint artistically and I dabble in drawing. And yes, I have colouring pencils and I am proud of it.
    • I can pull a room together like nobody’s business! The proof is in the pudding…or in this case, my portfolio. 
    • I am a down to earth person. No pretenses here! What you see is what you get. You will work with me, not someone I hand you off to. So it’s important we gel together. 
    • I studied decorating at the most comprehensive decorating program in Ontario (George Brown College); I learned from industry professionals working in the trades. I really like that. Oh, and I was one of their top, top students! Yah me! 
    • I am fun and we will have fun! Because if we don’t, then why do it?


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Promising Service


My left brain makes me a great project manager and cat herder.


My right brain creates unique designs and, if you want, I can paint your furniture.


Well, I’m not yet, but trust me – I will be!