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You can also explore my hourly packages if you require additional guidance during your project.

How I Help You

I can help you design a home or cottage you love and will love for years to come.

Design Consultation


Have no idea where to start or what to do? Or are you a do-it yourselfer but need some advice? Let me help you move in the right direction during a Design Consultation

During this 2 hour consultation, I will answer your questions, tackle your design challenges and provide ideas on design concepts. We can talk about any room(s) or your whole house (lets be reasonable, we have 2 hours, so the degree of discussion will be high level). Together we will explore…

  • The 3 F’s – Furniture, Fabric and Flooring
  • Space planning
  • Lighting
  • Window treatments
  • Accessories
  • Colour scheme
  • And more – like built-ins, outside living, and ceilings (hey, it’s part of a room! And often ignored!)

I will help you explore your design style, provide clarity on design direction, and we’ll have a ton of fun in the process!

My fee is $199 + HST. Travel fees apply if you are outside a 1 hour drive (according to Google Maps). Payment at time of booking.

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Design Development

Do you want a do-it yourself design and pull it all together yourself? I don’t blame you…it is so much fun! I can help you with that. Whether you are across the country or across the street, I can create a design for your room!

This package includes a Design Consultation (or if e-design, a phone/skype call) and a site visit to your home where I will take measurements and photos (e-design clients provide this to me) and together we will determine the design style for your room (or connecting rooms, such as a great room, or your entire home). I will then develop:

  • Concept board of proposed furniture and colour scheme
  • Furniture layout plan with lighting placement
  • List of furniture and accessories (along with dimensions, suggested colour, and style options for your shopping pleasure)
  • Suggested window treatments and light fixtures
  • Sketches of any suggested custom work (like built-ins)
  • A ‘to-do list’ to guide you throughout your project

Fees are dependent on the scope of the project.

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Design Concept + Project Management

Let me take care of your home from design consultation to a fabulous finished design.

Cerulean’s 5 phase signature design process is easy to follow and will help you understand the steps we will take together to create and implement your home’s design.

Phase 1: The Launch
Residential design consultation
Review and sign the contract
Retainer payment
Client homework

Phase 2: Design Development
Site visit and homework review
Interior design presentation and refinements
Final design and budget

Phase 3: Project Execution + Management
Place purchase orders
Schedule Trades
Construction/renovation begins
Budget review and payment

Phase 4: Installation, Reveal, + Deficiencies
Installation of furniture and styling accessories
Client reveal
Identification of deficiencies and resolution

Phase 5: Final Meeting, Client Binder + Final Payment
Final budget presentation
Presentation of client binder
Final payment due

Fees are dependent on the scope of the project.

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Cerulean SOS

So you had the Design Consultation and are excited to get going. You figure you need some help but you don’t need the full project management package. But what you do need is some design advice from time to time.

Cerulean SOS is designed for those who just need that extra eye on a furniture purchase, fabric choice, paint colour/scheme, or finish material. You may be building your own home and need me to tag along to your design center appointment with the builder. You may be renovating or building an addition and need some help space planning. Whatever advice you need, I will be there for you.

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