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About Roxanne

Roxanne is a Certified Interior Decorator and is the only Certified Colour Strategist in Huron County. She has over 20 years in the business and corporate world, and has worked with professionals in banking, accounting, engineering, technology, landscape architecture as well as CEOs and business owners.  

Roxanne specializes in the residential sector including vacation homes, primary residences and new builds. She also has experience in selecting fixtures and finishes for new builds, remodels, and additions. Roxanne has created a network of regional trades, workrooms specializing in drapery and bedding, décor hubs, fabric houses, flooring specialists and trade only resources. 

Nine times out of 10 her clients come to her because they have a pending project in which they have become overwhelmed by all the design choices and they have no idea on how to plan the new space (herein lies the use of masking tape to outline items, like an island or sofa). These are the clients Roxanne loves because she knows she can help them with her design and technical knowledge. 

To keep on top of her product and industry knowledge, Roxanne dedicates time to professional development on a regular basis. Roxanne has also completed a comprehensive course in colour and she brings this unique knowledge to selecting flooring, fabric, cabinetry, wall coverings and of course paint colours.

I believe colour is the basis for creating harmony in
all elements chosen for a design. Colour in design, from my professional perspective, is more than just the colour you paint your walls.

Roxanne graduated at the top of her class in Interior Decorating at George Brown College. She has received the rarely given accolades from the industry professionals teaching at the college and has earned the respect from her fellow design colleagues.

Promising Service


My left brain makes me a great project manager and cat herder.


My right brain creates unique designs and, if you want, I can paint your furniture.


Well, I’m not yet, but trust me – I will be!