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About Roxanne

So, what about me?

My background is in corporate marketing. I spent over 20 years in marketing and for a long time it was my passion. It lit a fire in my belly! Then, long story short, there came a point where I realized it was time to make a career change. And how scary is that after 20 years in a career? Damn scary!

So I began to explore new directions where I could use my business marketing knowledge but also my creative skills. You see, I paint (I am an amateur artist) and draw (got a pencil?), and recently I learned to refinish furniture (shabby chic anyone?). I can lose myself in these activities for hours.

Being creative energizes me mentally and physically.
I knew I needed something to fuel my creativity.

In my search for something new, I came upon interior decorating. Whoa! Brakes on….screeeeech!!! This was it! I was a sponge soaking up anything and everything design style, home style, and decorating. I loved it so much I started a new journey and began my studies in interior design and decorating. And now I love it even more!

So welcome to my new journey! I hope I can work with you to find your inspiration and create a sense of home for you.


Promising Service


My left brain makes me a great project manager and cat herder.


My right brain creates unique designs and, if you want, I can paint your furniture.


Well, I’m not yet, but trust me – I will be!