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WHy Me?

why you should work with me

You may be asking right about now “why should I hire Roxanne, interior decorator designer, to design my home?”

That’s a really good question! I know I would hire me for these reasons…

  • I am the only Certified Colour Strategist in Huron County and surrounding area. Why is this important? Because colour analysis is the basis of design and is what ensures that all elements of design – the flooring, cabinetry, rug, wall colour – all work together in harmony. Without this expertise, design is only good, not great! I prefer great!
  • I can herd cats. Which means I can easily manage your project because I worked in a professional business environment for over 20 years. I have managed all kinds of people, from humble trades to ego-driven maniacs! I know numbers, contracts, and project management. What more can I say? I got this. 
  • Not only is the left side of my brain working on managing your project, my creative side is always humming. I let things bounce around in my brain until I come up with a creative idea or solution. And besides decorating, I refinish furniture, paint artistically and I dabble in drawing. And yes, I have colouring pencils and I am proud of it.
  • I am a down to earth person. No pretenses here! What you see is what you get. You will work with me, not someone I hand you off to. So it’s important we gel together. 
  • I studied interior decorating at the most comprehensive program in Ontario (George Brown College); I learned from top industry professionals working in the industry. I really like that. Oh, and I was one of their top, top students! Yah me! 
  • I am fun and we will have fun! Because if we don’t, then why do it?

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Promising Service


My left brain makes me a great project manager and cat herder.


My right brain creates unique designs and, if you want, I can paint your furniture.


Well, I’m not yet, but trust me – I will be!