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Room design + Decor

Room Design + Décor

If you are considering redecorating a room in your home (bedroom, living room, etc), then this service will provide you with everything you need.

Room Design + Decor is a custom design plan for your space that you can implement on your own. I provide the design concept, space plan, proposed furniture style and a size guide, window treatment suggestions, accessorizing ideas, and a recommended colour scheme.  This Style Guide directs you in decision-making when shopping, ensuring your redecorating project is easy and fun!

Fees for this service begin at $ 1,000 per room. 

Need only a space plan and furniture size guide? Fees for this service is $ 400 per room.

Optional Service

Room Design + Decor service also includes the option to have everything sourced for you, so you don’t have to shop. My Sourcing Guide details the vendor source and specifications for each item suggested in your design. All you have to do is show up! How easy does this sound to you?

Fees for this service begin at $ 1,800 per room.

Elite Design + Décor

If you prefer to have me take on your redecorating project from beginning to end, then my Elite Design + Décor is just for you.

Elite Design + Decor is my full-service design offering. From design concept to furniture selection, budget management to purchasing, arranging delivery to final styling, I take the reins from beginning to end. This service is perfect for the busy professional who wants a well-designed home but doesn’t have the time to do it themselves.  

Note: this service requires full payment for design fees at time of contract signing and approved furniture costs to be paid 100% prior to orders being placed.

Fees begin at $ 4,000 per room and may include additional fees for Design Management Services.