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Renovation Design Plan

If you are considering renovating your home or cottage, an important first step is the Design Plan.

Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Have you had it with looking at pictures on Pinterest, in magazines, in books? 
  • Has that made you more than confused about what you want?
  • Are you afraid of making the wrong design decision and ‘live to regret it’?
  • Have you already spoken to contractors about your project only to feel even more confused about what you want? 
  • Have you already received wildly different quotes based on different conversations with different contractors? 

Frustrating, hey? Well, just imagine this scenario…

The Scenario 

You call 3-5 contractors to come by your home to give you a quote on your renovation. You feel confident you are ready to talk to them about what you want, how you want it to look, and how you want it all laid out. You feel confident because you have your Design Plan. 

With each contractor you meet, you review the Design Plan with them in detail. In fact, you have a copy for each contractor to take with them. They are impressed with how prepared you are and have all the details mapped out for them and their trades. They can easily prepare a quote for you! And with each contractors quote you receive, you know you can confidently compare apples to apples. 

The Design Plan is a powerful document! Talk about peace of mind! Sounds wonderfully stress free? Oh, it is!

So what is this ‘Design Plan’?

The Design Plan is what I bring to the table. Working closely with you, I bring you through my proven design process that takes you step by step through all the decisions you need to make for your renovation – from the main design elements (like flooring, cabinetry) to the itty-bitty details (like grout colour).

The content of your Design Plan will depend on your project scope. Let’s look at some of the main components of the Design Plan just to give you an idea of what I help you with.

Floor Plan:  If you are gutting your space (or even part of your space), you are going to need a new floor plan. The floor plan is very functional in nature and we really look at how you use your space and what your needs are (need more storage?). The floor plan could be a new kitchen, a bathroom, or a full basement layout. In some cases, a space plan showing furniture placement might be needed. 

Electrical and Lighting Plans:  Renovations usually mean new lighting and new electrical. The Lighting Plan (in the design world we call it a Reflected Ceiling Plan) shows the exact placement of all lights – recessed lighting, pendant lights, sconces, chandeliers – and their corresponding switches. Other required elements (like a CO2/smoke detector, heat lights, fans, etc) are also shown. The Electrical Plan includes the location of new outlets, cable, thermostats, phone lines, etc. 

Design Elements: From the floor to the ceiling, all finishes, fixtures and the kitchen sink are all listed in a series of schedules. Your choices of flooring, cabinetry, hardware, tile, lights, paint colours (and sheen!), fireplace materials, ceiling design (coffered ceiling, anyone?), countertops (even the edge profile), and so much more is detailed by vendor, manufacturer/brand, collection/series, dimensions, colour/finish, and any other information relevant to your selections. 

If you want more information on a particular type of renovation, explore the links below:

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What am I going to pay for a Design Plan?

As the content of the Design Plan varies according to project scope, so does the fee. I work on a fixed fee basis so you know exactly how much the Design Plan will cost up front with no hidden charges. 

Design Management Services (DMS)

DMS is an essential service I provide and contributes substantially to the success of your renovation. And it begins before the crew walks through the door.

It is essential that a meeting between you, me and your contractor happen as soon as you hire him/her.  The purpose of this meeting is to review the specifics of your Design Plan. As we review the details and walk through the space, the contractor can identify any concerns with the design that would cause issues during the renovation. A solution can be agreed upon and a simple change to the plan can be made. This saves you time, money and ultimately frustration.

DMS also includes overseeing the implementation of the design with your contractor and trades. This would include meeting with the trades to review design specs relevant to them, site visits throughout the construction and installation, and the final walk thru with you and your contractor to identify deficiencies.

DMS fees can be offered hourly at a rate of $125 or a flat fee.

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