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Renovation Design Plan

If you are considering renovating your home or cottage, an important first step is the Design Plan.

Have you already spoken to contractors about your project only to feel even more confused about what you want? Have you already received varying quotes based on different conversations? Frustrated by all the opinions, advice, and ideas?

Imagine having all the details in place before you call your next contractor. Imagine having a design plan to give to each contractor so they are all providing estimates based on the same information.

Sound wonderfully stress free? Oh, it is!

The content of the Design Plan varies depending on your project scope. If you are considering a kitchen renovation, the Design Plan would include all the details for a kitchen such as layout + elevations, selections for cabinetry doors/drawers, hardware, countertops, cabinet inserts, fittings (sink/faucet), lighting, etc. Having this in hand, you would be able to approach several cabinetry companies to get comparable quotes.

If you are considering an entirely new floor plan for your cottage, the Design Plan could include the new floor plan layout complete with electrical + lighting plans as well as materials such as flooring, ceiling design, door style, trim, etc. If the scope included design + décor, items such as wall coverings, window treatments, lighting, fireplace finishes, etc they would be included. 

What am I going to pay for a Design Plan?

As the content of the Design Plan varies according to project scope, so does the fee. I work on a fixed fee basis so you know exactly how much the Design Plan will cost up front with no hidden charges. 

Design Management Services (DMS)

DMS is an essential service I provide and contributes substantially to the success of your renovation. And it begins before the crew walks through the door.

It is essential that a meeting between you, me and your contractor happen as soon as you hire him/her.  The purpose of this meeting is to review the specifics of your Design Plan. As we review the details and walk through the space, the contractor can identify any concerns with the design that would cause issues during the renovation. A solution can be agreed upon and a simple change to the plan can be made. This saves you time, money and ultimately frustration.

DMS also includes overseeing the implementation of the design with your contractor and trades. This would include meeting with the trades to review design specs relevant to them, site visits throughout the construction and installation, and the final walk thru with you and your contractor to identify deficiencies.

DMS fees can be offered hourly at a rate of $125 or a flat fee.

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