Cerulean Design & Decor

Rustic Mid-Century Kitchen

This kitchen is stunning! And my clients are tickled pink, to say the least! 

The Kitchen Renovation Plan included a new functional layout along with all the design specifications. What you don’t see here are all the schedules that provide the details on all the finishes and fixtures; these schedules make it so much easy for procurement.

Redesigning this kitchen with my clients was so much fun! I do love making old kitchens functional for today’s life. I am also keen on mid-century design. 

My clients wanted to make their cottage a primary residence and move out of the city. They looked at a lot of pictures – and I mean, a lot! – they researched, they read…they looked at pictures again! Even though they enjoyed it all, it left them feeling overwhelmed and a bit fearful about making a decision and regretting it. 

They were given several designers names in the city, but the opted to go with Cerulean (aka me!) because I was local to the area and knew what the lifestyle on the lake was all about. They also liked the fact that I appreciate the beauty in any space and could work with it to create an incredible design. In this case it was the cathedral ceiling with huge beams and pine planks. 

Click on the first image and take a look at this amazing kitchen…the Kitchen Renovation Plan follows.