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Guest Bedrooms “The Twins”

With just a bed, a bureau and a lack of personality to boot, these guest bedrooms badly needed a makeover! My client hired me to create a space that was ‘serene’ and ‘coastal’ so guests felt welcome at their lake house on Lake Huron. 

Since both bedrooms were visible from the living room, I quickly realized that the design for each room needed to be connected in some way. I decided that the design concept could be the same for each space while being unique in the selection of key items. 

Both bedrooms have the same colour palette and the wicker beds and custom bedding link them together. One bedroom had blue accents featured in the custom bedding and the drapery; the other had brown accents. Both colours tied into the stunning embroidery pattern in the bedding and oversized pillows that is reminiscent of the waves on Lake Huron. 

Each space has elements of a coastal nature in the selection or art, furniture, and decor items. From the rope handles on the wooden console table and the oversized art piece of a heron to the reclaimed wooden cabinet (locally made by Artizan Alley in Zurich, ON)  and the images of botanicals, each space had unique design elements that tied them together. 

The spaces are also a combination of old and new. I collected old bottles from second hand stores, I painted the wooden chairs that came from a buy-n-sell group, I gathered beach stones from my client’s lake front, I sourced a pedestal table from a used furniture shop and refinished the pedestal and painted the top. I truly believe that interior design is not about buying everything new. It is about using what you have, being creative with your ideas, and supplementing the design with other pieces – either new or used. You have to agree that the the overall effect is stunning. 

My client was tickled pink with her new spaces and her guests love the rooms! Redecorating these guest bedrooms was so much fun! 

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