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Let’s Get Real About HGTV

You’re watching HGTV and see a designer pull a home together in an hour…and it is unbelievably fabulous. You are flipping through the latest design magazine and all you see are perfect homes – spectacular, spotless and styled to perfection. Then you look around your home…and maybe a wee bit of dissatisfaction sets in.

Let’s get real, ok? The HGTV show actually took a couple of months to film, have a dedicated work team ready to dive right in, a team of stylists who make the space ‘perfect’; and the designer is just as perfect, ready to show the home owners their new home! And it is everything they thought it would be! Then the designer and camera crew leave and real life begins.

The kids are excited and jump all over the sofa disrupting the carefully placed throw pillows. The dog, hearing the kids, runs into the room and with the wagging of his tail swipes the carefully placed accessories off the table. You go into your beautiful new kitchen and make the family dinner and a mess. So, now what does your home look like? Real?? You betcha! Lived in? Yes siree!

So when you see those shows and magazines, keep in mind that the rooms are perfect for a reason – to show. No one’s home stays this way…unless they don’t live in it. So, no pressure, right? Right.



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