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How I Help You

I can help you design a home or cottage you love and will love for years to come. I offer services for all budgets because I believe everyone should have a home they love.

Meet + Greet

So you want to renovate your kitchen or revamp your master suite and you know you need designer help. But at this point, you don’t know who you want to work with nor commit to a consultation just yet. Let’s set up a meet + greet and get to know one another. 

During a Meet + Greet, we will chat about your project and I will tell you how I work. If we jive, then we can set up a consultation.

Visit my Contact page to set up a Meet + Greet. 

Design Consultation

Have no idea where to start or what to do? Or are you a ‘do-it yourselfer’ but need some advice? Let me help you move in the right direction during a Design Consultation.

Before we meet, there is some work to do to help me understand you and your project before I show up on your doorstep! This ensures the consultation is all the more effective which adds value to you. Your homework will be to: 

  • complete a design questionnaire and return to me
  • collect images of the style you love on Pinterest
  • send me photos of your space (one space per consult)

During the 2 hour consultation, we will discuss your needs and wishes for the project. I will answer your questions, provide clarity on design direction, and we’ll have a ton of fun in the process! Together we will explore…

  • colour scheme
  • design concept
  • furniture placement
  • flooring
  • lighting
  • window treatments
  • and more – like built-ins and ceilings (hey, it’s part of a room! And often ignored!)

The cost of this consultation is $300 + HST. Travel fees apply if you are outside a 30 minute drive (according to Google Maps). 

Let’s get going on this! Visit my Contact page to set up a consultation. 

Kitchen or Bath Consultation

Are you considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation? Are you at a loss as to how to make your space more functional for your family? Are you unsure of the features you want or the style of cabinetry? Well this service is for you!

During this consultation we will talk in depth about your likes/dislikes of the current space, your needs based on functionality, your desires for specific features, and your style preferences. I will provide a preliminary floor plan sketch, identify cabinetry and inserts that will aid in functionality, and suggest features that will make using your space more enjoyable. By the end of the consult, you will have a better idea of what you want in your new kitchen or bath.

If at the end of the consult you wish to proceed with a Kitchen or Bath Plan, we can talk about cost. Would you like to know more about this type of plan? Read this blog about the advantages of a having a Kitchen Plan in hand before visiting show rooms!

The cost for this consultation is $300 + HST. Travel fees apply if you are outside a 30 minute drive (according to Google Maps). 

Give me a call and let’s talk about colour! Visit my Contact page to set up a consultation. 

Colour Consultation

Whether you are building a new home or redecorating, a Colour Consultation can help you along in your decision making. It is more than just choosing paint colour. It is bringing everything together so it works.

For new builds or renovations it means choosing the flooring, cabinetry, counter top, backsplash, wood stain and more, to create a cohesive look…and of course, paint colour for walls and trim. (To get an idea of what this would look like, check out this story on how I helped a client.)

For redecorating projects, it means choosing the right colour fabric for your new sofa that will go with your existing decor, finding the right tile for your shower, matching a paint colour to an existing fabric colour. And oh so much more!!

The cost of this consultation is $250 + HST. Travel fees apply if you are outside a 30 minute drive (according to Google Maps). 

Give me a call and let’s talk about colour! Visit my Contact page to set up a consultation. 

Design D.Y.I.

Do you need design advice but prefer to do the shopping yourself? Would you rather know exactly what you are shopping for instead of wondering if you should get a sofa or sectional? Then this service is just right for you! It will save you time and bring focus to your shopping.

This package will provide you with everything you need to bring your new design to life. At the end of the project you will be provided with:

  • Design plan with specific pieces
  • Floor plan to scale
  • Colour palette
  • Lighting Plan
  • Window Treatment Plan 
  • Sourcing Guide*

*A Sourcing Guide is a guide to purchasing all the items in your design so you can shop with confidence! It includes images of example items as well as details to look for when selecting the item (e.g. type of arms/legs on the sofa, size/shape of table). Just take it with you shopping and you can’t go wrong!

The design fee for this service is $1,200 per room (+HST). At the end of the project, if you wish for me to purchase the items, we can discuss my Option to Buy service.

Let’s get going so you can get shopping! Visit my Contact page to set up a consultation. 

Elite Design + Sourcing

Are you too busy to be bothered with shopping, selecting fabrics, ordering furniture, selecting lighting fixtures and everything else that goes into creating a well designed room? Do you want someone to take the reigns and design a space for you from initial design concept to the final styling?

This is a full-service design offering that involves an exclusive approach to your project. From design development and design management to custom furniture and white-glove installation, this service is my elite offering.

You will receive:

Bespoke Design: I will source furniture, and accessories from select trade-only vendors – no retailer has these items – to create your Elite Design.

Customized Design: I will create items designed specifically for your needs and your space – custom sofas, chairs, ottomans, tables, dining chairs, window coverings, throw pillows, and more!

Design Management: I will personally oversee the purchasing, shipping, delivery, and the design installation of your project.

Personalized Styling: I will select items from my trade-only vendors to style your home to perfection.

White Glove Installation: I will use a professional team to install all furniture, accessories, and art in your home.

The design fee for this service is $5,000 per room (+HST). Fees do not include the cost of furniture, fixtures, accessories, restocking, freight/shipping or taxes.

Let’s get together and talk about your custom design. Visit my Contact page to set up a consultation – your first step in creating your Elite Design.