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Colour me scared!

Hey all…

Everyone has a favourite colour, right? Mine is blue….all hues of blue. It’s why I called my business ‘cerulean’. Seriously, it was that simple.

Colour Makes Me Nervous

So why do we have an issue with bringing colour into our home? Homes are predominantly monochromatic – beige, grey, greige, blah. It is safe. It is boring. It kinda sucks. Don’t you think? So why not paint the walls yellow? Why not accent a family room wall with a deep red? Did anyone feel a tingle of nerves as you thought about doing this? Or how about just painting the walls white and bring in colourful furniture? Ok, step back, step back….breathe.

Be Brave!

So let’s start out small with some colour, shall we? Let’s buy those beautiful orange pillows for your family room. Oh, go ahead and grab that blue one too; they are after all complimentary colours. Ready to take the next step? Go a wee wild with paint. Grey? Nah, lets paint the room cerulean! Be bold. Be brave. Be colourful. After all, it’s only paint, right? You can always repaint.

The biggest and boldest step of all? Buy a green sofa, an orange chair, or a pink rug…ok breathe everyone, breathe. Maybe we need to ease into that.

Start With Small Steps

My point is bringing colour into your home should not be scary. Colour should be celebrated! And if done right, it can make your home so much more inviting and pleasant. Here are some areas to start slow with colour…

Accessories: rugs, throw pillows, blankets, bedding, towels.

Décor: vases, flowers, books covered with a beautiful wrapping paper, other decorative boxes,

Furniture: accent chair, small furniture (like an ottoman or small table), coloured (or patterned) fabric on dining chairs and built-in benches, your office chair (mine is red!), sofa (if you are brave!).

Art: paintings, photographs, frames, murals, wallpaper.

Lighting: lamp bases or shades, ceiling lights, chandeliers, desk lamps.

Paint: accent wall, furniture, floor, casings, mouldings, panels.

Let me know how else you could add colour to your home!



P.S. If you need help just contact me! I am after all a certified colour strategist! 

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