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Bathroom Design Tips

So you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom. Whether it is your master bathroom or a powder room, there are lots of details to consider in the design. From counter material and floor tile, to fittings and lighting, the details can become overwhelming.

To help you out, I’ve listed some tips below that will add to the functionality of your bathroom design.


You can’t have too much lighting in a bathroom. Seriously! Always add extra lighting – pot lights, sconces, under cabinet lighting, ceiling light. Tip: it is better to use sconces on either side of the sink, rather than a light above the mirror (it casts shadows on your face).

And please…do not put a light fixture over the bathtub! It looks nice and you see it all the time in magazines…but it is dangerous. Most lights are not meant for wet environments (electricity and water don’t mix). But there are speciality lights that are specifically for wet environments (think of the light in the shower). Use dimmable recessed lights and fancy sconces instead.


You see those big showers in the home design magazines all the time. Oh, how luxurious! But, yah there is a big BUT here…sometimes a shower is too big…and too cold. Why? Well it takes a lot of steam to heat that baby up! The same goes with walk in showers (i.e. no doors); they just never heat up. Go with functionality first, design second. You can have a luxurious shower that is functional!

Counter Tops

Quartz, quartz, quartz all the way!! Never marble or granite or any kind of natural stone. I know that it looks nice and brings some ‘natural’ materials into your home. But stone naturally absorbs water leading to mildew/mold growth. Yes, you can seal the stone…but you gotta keep sealing it every year. I’m not up for that. You? Same goes for shower tiles (just stay away from the stone floors!)


Porcelain is best; a textured porcelain is even better! You must ensure that it is non-slip for safety. The same goes for the shower. Now this is an important tip: Italian porcelain is really expensive; porcelain from China is less expensive. But they are exactly the same. Yes, it is true. The price difference is due to the cost of labour. So go ahead and get the tile from China. And if you want to tell people it is Italian porcelain, well that’s up to you!

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