about cerulean

what is Cerulean Design + Décor about?

Spaces that have a strong “sense of place” have an identity and character that is deeply felt.

Think of your favourite place – a friends’ house, cafe, restaurant, or even a park. Why do you love it so much? Why do you feel so good when you are there? Why don’t you ever want to leave? The answer is quite simply, the sense of place, or feeling of special meaning you encounter when you are there.

As an interior decorator, my goal is to create that sense of place in your home — one that is special and unique to you. I design interiors that leave clients with a deep feeling of belonging that reflects their character, life, and inner self. I thrive on developing and implementing design concepts that make you love your home – because your home is your sanctuary where you find comfort, serenity, and contentment.

Home is not a place…it’s a feeling. It’s your sense of home.

Let me help you find it.

Promising Service


My left brain makes me a great project manager and cat herder.


My right brain creates unique designs and, if you want, I can paint your furniture.

Award Winning

Well, I’m not yet, but trust me – I will be!